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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ascribe to the Lord

    "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to His name." (Psalms 29: 2a)   What does the word "ascribe" mean? What is this "glory" we are commanded to give Him? What is His name? Let's say for a moment that we do not assume to know any of these. Let us say that we are like a little child and we are "tabula rasa" - a blank slate. Let us look into these little words and see what we can glean from them.
    "Ascribe" means to attribute or to impute as to a cause or source, to charge, to declare or consider as belonging to; assign as an attribute _syn. "Attribute." Scribe comes from the Latin "ascribere" which means "to write." We are to write down these attributes of the Lord. When someone writes something down on paper, it helps to ingrain or imprint it into their mind. Once it is written down, it is eternally sealed, because it can be seen for ages to come, even after one is dead. My Pastor encourages his congregation to "journal" which is ascribing to the Lord the glory due to His name. Ascribing or Journalling does several things: it helps one remember what is important, it brings back memories and shows the faithfulness of God in tough times, it is a "constant" reminder of God's character: His faithfulness, His goodness, and His love. Girls usually are good about keeping diaries of personal "stuff" involved in day to day activities, and usually about relationships that are important to them. Shouldn't our relationship to God be important enough to us that we should writes it down, or make a note of it? "This do in remembrance of Me" was written on the communion table at my church. The same could be said of ascribing to the Lord, or journalling. One of the main things that journalling does for an individual is that it helps to produce consistency. People tend to be "spasmodic." Staying the course can be difficult. Like Marriage, a great mystery indeed, when the going gets tough one must remember the good times and the "Covenant" or the vow that was made to one another.
    What is the "glory due to His name?" The Bible, or the Word of God must be the sourcebook when it comes to ascribing (the best Journal ever written), or knowing what is the glory due to the NAME (Ha'Shem) of the Lord. What is glory? "Glory" means "distinguished honor or praise; exalted reputation. something bringing Praise or renown; an object (or person) of special distinction." The word "honor" means "to speak well of." God is the Most High God. His name is higher than every name ever formed. In the West we know HIM as Jesus Christ. Jesus is a Greek name, yet Jesus was Jewish (at least on this Earth). In Hebrew, Jesus would be Yeshua Ha'Messhiach. "Ha'Messhiach" would be the "Messiah," or Christ - the anointed one, the smeared one, the one who brings at-one-ment (atonement), and Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew.
     The Jews believe that when the atonement occurs, that is the moment where they are "ONE" with God. Thus they have at-one-ment with God. First the natural, then the Spiritual. Jesus, or Yeshua is God. Why would I say such a thing. I didn't say it - HE did (but I stand in agreement with His declaration!)!!! There is more to this story, there is another name the Jews call God and it is YHVH (or we might say Yahweh), but it is the ineffable or unspeakable name of God. This is the name where one stands before God and sees Him and is left totally speechless - you cannot talk because of His reverence - His Holiness. In this moment one is left "speechless" (ineffable).
    On the cross, Jesus or Yeshua, had a sign placed over His head. The first words spoken of Jesus by John the Baptist was "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!" What did he mean when he said that?  The Jews knew what it meant. In the Passover each year, a little lamb would be brought in the house after spring cleaning prior to the week of Passover. During the week of Passover, the family was "locked in the house with God." This cute little lamb was cuddled and snuggled, fed and loved by the family. However, on Friday the animal was killed for their sins. Then they had to eat his flesh, and they drank wine with the meal. This communion was only for the Jewish family, no outsiders could attend. The lamb was the substitute sacrifice for them. As the years went by, the family probably did not want to get as close, since they knew what was coming next. When John the Baptist declared or ascribed that this man named Jesus would be the lamb of God which would take away their sins, many of them had forgotten. On the cross, the government declared that Jesus or Yeshua was God - the ineffable one.
    How? I'm glad you asked! Over the head of Jesus was written a sign that read "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." In Hebrew this would read "Yeshua Ha'Netzeret V'mlech Ha'Yehudim" and that incensed the Jews. They saw it and said "NO!" They said "Change it to say that 'He said' He was the King of the Jews!" Why? Do you ever wonder why? By taking the first letter of each of these words we get Y-H-V-H or YHVH, the tetragrammaton of Yahweh, the ineffable NAME OF GOD. Yeshua is Jesus. Ha'Netzeret is of Nazareth (Nazareth means "the branch"). V'mlech means "the King, Lord, or overseer of the people. Ha'Yehudim is of Judah or Yehuda, Jesus or Yeshua was of the tribe of Judah. Judah means Praise. When we understand who Jesus really is, we stand before Him speechless because we realize that He took "my place" and yours. In Heaven, He has been given a name that is above every name and we haven't heard that yet. God is our Father, or ABBA. Because of what Jesus or Yeshua did on the cross, we can now approach the Father as ABBA - Daddy God. God is our Father. We are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God if we accept His at-one-ment, His atoning sacrifice. To be like Him, we must die. He must increase and we must decrease. Hopefully I have answered the three questions. They are three in one, for one, and to one.  I have just ascribed to the Lord the glory due to His name. Praise His Holy Name!!!

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