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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Kindness of Animals

Do you ever wonder, will there be animals in Heaven? Based on some scripture in Isaiah, I believe that will be a good possibility, but it is not conclusive. Animals often reveal to us the love of God in ways that friends and family should, but do not often give to us.
My first dog was named "Bullet" and he was just a "mutt," a Heinz 57 Variety, a little of this and that mixed into a bundle of love. I named him Bullet after Roy Rogers dog, I guess if I had a horse I would have named him "Trigger." I say I loved Bullet, I played with him but never took care of him, Mom and Dad did that. I fed him from time to time, but I was inconsistent and he was hungry on a regular basis. I gave the dog time, love, and someone to play with on a daily basis. He eventually contracted heart worms, so the vet put him down. He was a good dog and I missed him.
When I was eleven years old, I met a friend named Jay, he had a dog named "Smokey." Smokey was a "mean" dog and he would attack and bite. He bit me once, so I stayed clear from him. This dog sensed fear, and he would attack. Smokey was part German Shepherd and part Chow. He had the body of the chow, the thick hair and curled tail of the chow, but his face and hair color was that of the German Shepherd. Jay's father was a "Military Man," a career soldier and they had to move. One day Jay and I were in the back yard, I was on top of the dog house and I started playing with Smokey with a pine straw, and before I knew it I was standing on the ground petting him. Fear had been replaced by love. I cannot explain what happened other than it was a miracle. Fear was replaced by love, and Smokey and I became good friends. When Jay told me he had to move, He asked me if I'd take care of His dog. I accepted gladly (after getting permission from Mom and Dad).
Smokey was a unique dog. Smokey was a watch dog, he was a protector, and he was my friend. Smokey gave me everything the world did not give me. Smokey accepted me just the way I was, I didn't have to prove my love to him. He was my advocate and my protector. There were many occasions where Smokey came to my defense.
Smokey would never attack anyone when he was walking with me, unless they hit me. When Smokey was unchained, He went where I went. There were two bullies, the Crews boys, and the older boy loved to pick on me. He would usually wait till I was alone, and I couldn't get away from him. He pushed me one day when Smokey was with me. He thought I had a nice dog, because he had petted him before. When he pushed me, he found out that my dog wasn't so sweet. Smokey came to my defense. I'd like to think that God is that way toward His children.  He never attacked me again!
Smokey would growl usually as a warning, but he had another type of growl that said "I love you", it sounded like "Gurrrrr" (like girl without the "l"). He would do this for me when I came home from school, and sometimes when I petted him. He was the only dog that I've ever heard do it, and he did it for me. He loved a good belly rub, and to be scratched behind his ears.
I learned a lesson about watching out for those you love with Smokey, and it was a tough lesson. I was supposed to cut someone's grass, but like many teenagers - I had something that came up. I don't remember the details, but I probably bailed because of the heat. My Father went to mow the grass for me, and he took Smokey with him. Some children got around my dog, it was hot, and Smokey bit a little girl. It was the Sheriff's daughter. The Sheriff, the law, came and got my dog and shot him. I guess that is why I respect the law so much,  they killed my best friend. Smokey was running toward the house when they shot him - twice. He was the best dog ever, and he died for my sin. If I had been where I was supposed to be, If I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, then my dog would be alive. My dog is a pleasant memory, and I have a picture of him that I will keep ( my "Rosebud").
Animals serve us without pay, they give us love, and they usually carry in their body the spirit of their Master.
A Godly man or woman is kind to their beast.  I guess sometimes animals see things we do not see. As for Smokey, I pray that I get to see him again. He was a good dog. He was mine. Like God, I belong to Him and HE is mine.

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