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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How much is it worth?

Many things that someone holds dear to their heart in this life is based upon belief in a value system, how much is it worth? The worth of something can be based on several factors, but none of it is pertinent unless it is believed and perceived by the masses to be of worth. The hardest thing to sell sometimes is that which everyone views as "free." If something is "free," does it have value? Think about that for a moment, and we will come back to this thought later.
If someone were to give you a biscuit, you might say "Thank You" if you were hungry. If you were not hungry, or if it appeared to be "flawed" in some way, many a person would say "No Thanks!"
What creates "value" in a thing, in a person, in a service, or in anything?
How much is a song worth? There are many types of songs: there are short songs, long songs, songs that bring hope, songs that bring tears, songs of laughter, songs without words, National Songs, spiritual songs, and many more. What gives a song value? If God almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth were to give you a song - would it have value? Most would agree that such a song would be "priceless!" If someone were to give you one of Michael Jackson's or Elvis Presley's top selling songs, would it have value? Sometimes value is perceived by the author, by the one who's name appears on it.
If I were to paint a picture and give it to you, would it have value? Not much, unless you loved me. On the other hand, if I gave you a painting by Picasso or Rembrandt it would have much value. Why? It would bring a "top dollar" price because the the painter is no longer living, it is agreed upon by the masses that it has much worth due to the "name" that appears at the bottom of the painting, it has been signed by the author.
If something has no value, where does it end being? It usually winds up in the trash pile. On the other hand, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Why? It is always a good thing to ask questions. Why is that? Who thought of "signing" a painting? Who creates value in an object? Who determines the value of an object? Sometimes learning or being "educated" about a thing will increase the value. If you were in an art gallery and you never heard of the painter, it could be that the value was "not that much" in your eyes. But let's say for argument's sake, let's say you asked the owner of the gallery the price of a painting, it looks like "trash" in your eyes, it is so simple that a child or an elephant could do it - but then the curator says that the picture is worth $1,ooo,ooo,ooo.00 dollars. What????? Why???? You don't get it??? You ask this curator, "what makes this so valuble?" He says "The name at the bottom!" You look down and see "Picasso" - now you understand. Now its value has increased in your eyes.
How much is a person worth? Year after year, human lives are destroyed. Why? How much is a human being worth? Well, if value is determined by "costs" - how much does a person bring on the open market? If a person is determined by a "name" - what determines their value, especially if they are "unknown"? In America, babies are "aborted" or thrown in the trash by the millions, because they are viewed as "trash" by the masses. Are the masses right? During World War II, Jews were slaughtered in the millions by Hitler. They were determined to be "worthless" in His eyes. During the slavery days in America, black people were given value, but much less than the "white folk" - Why? Who made that determination?
If I were to give you a trumpet, an old trumpet, and it was not very pretty - how much would you give me for it? One might say, "I need more information!" OK, this instrument was crafted by a very good trumpet designer, and the company was well known in its day, but the company no longer exists. How much is it worth now? Let's say it belonged to a famous musician, but he's been long dead. How much is it worth now? The information would still be sketchy. and probably not enough to pay the big bucks. Let's say the Trumpet was once owned and played by a man named Louis Armstrong, does the value increase? Let's say his name was engraved on the bell, "Made expressly for Louis Armstrong" - would that increase the value. I'd say so.
Who's name is on you? One day we will all appear before God. Those whose names are written in the lambs book of life will go to Heaven, those without His name will go to hell or to the "Lake of Fire." I would say that having His name engraved on your forehead would be "priceless!" What does priceless mean?

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