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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Pleasures of Getting Older

Life changes as one ages, and what goes around really does come back around. I guess when your body starts to do weird stuff, then you realize this is temporary. I am not writing this to be depressing, morbid, or anything like that, but maybe I am just musing or find myself thinking out loud.
As men age, the hair begins to turn grey, it begins to fall out, our virility begins to fade, our muscles are not as "rock hard" as they used to be, and weight is easier to put on and harder to take off. Hair is falling off of your head, but now begins to show up profusely in your ears and out of your nose. You need a weed eater to get rid of the hair coming out of the wrong places, while trying to figure out how to keep it from falling out on top. Average and ordinary doesn't cut it anymore. You don't do things to impress anyone, it just feels good to know you still can.
My life began to take a drastic turn when I turned 43, I had to get glasses. It wasn't that I couldn't see, I could still see. The printed page had just gotten smaller and a little blurry. The I got the bureau disease, that is when your chest begins to fall into your drawers. At 50, it was like someone turned on the pain switch, and the "fun" began. Whoever said "life begins at 50" must have been in a different body, or I guess maybe I just don't get it. You get older and you begin to see things clearer, but by then you can't keep up nor do you feel like it. You begin to downsize, and you don't need all the "junk" to keep up with the Jones'.
Little things start to become much bigger: like friendship, family, home, church, and security. I guess some folks get prepared better than others, but there comes a point in one's life where all the world can be put into one bag. A change of clothes, a toothbrush, a comb and brush, shoes, bedroom slippers, and a Bible to read (Large Print PLEASE!)
More is less, less is more. The things of this world no longer hold the thrill they once held. Relationships do not come as easily as once they did, but you value those "old things" that just seem to fit you. No longer do you have to have it, you just rest in the enjoyment of the moment. Finally at peace with yourself and with God. No longer striving to please something or someone, but finally at rest.  The little things that we often overlook like "Thank You," "I appreciate you," (Dare I say it!) "I Love You!" and just the touch of a hand, the smile of a friend, the embrace of a child, or the wink of a spouse.
When Sunset looms over the horizon, when life seems to be coming to the end, the greater grace appears to come like an old friend "Even so, Come!"

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