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Monday, February 1, 2010

Some thoughts on Psalms23

"The Lord" - Jesus, the King of the Universe, God, Holy Spirit, the One who rules from Heaven
                     (Who is your "LORD?")
"is my Shepherd" - "my" denotes belonging to, ownership
                               "Shepherd" - the leader in the field, the One who Oversees, Shepherds takes care of
                                every aspect of the Sheep, HE is the protector, defender, provider, etc...
"He makes me lie down" - NOTE:  He does it. When the sheep see the Shepherd in    
                                 the field, they are "at rest." The Shepherd "causes" the sheep to lie down.
"In green Pastures" -  Abundance, His provision, God's "more than enough."

"He leads me" - HE (Jesus) is the director, He leads - we follow. He goes before us...

"beside still waters" - Sheep are skiddish, they will run away from loud water, the streams must be
                                  still or quiet. "Be still and know that I am God." Water represents the Word.

"He restores" - Note: He does the work, not us. Restore means to make new or as it was in the

"my soul" -  Identity, the essence of your being, the emotions, the embodiment of "self"

"He guides me" - the Leader, the Director, the tour guide

"in paths of righteousness" - the right way of doing things, His way, the proper or acceptable way.

"For His name's sake" - the One who signs the deed, the King, the Owner, the One who's reputation
                                     is at stake. GOD is His office, not His name. His name is Jesus or Yahweh. The
                                     two names (O.T. and N.T.) are enharmonic (the same). One is Greek, One is

"Yea, though I walk" - We travel, we are going somewhere but are following His lead. We do the
                                    walking, He doesn't walk for us. (Sometimes though He carries the young              
                                     sheep, but NOT the old.)

"through the valley" - we walk in "low" places, or humble places.

"of the shadow" - the is not the real, but the reflection of the real. The shadow follows the real.

"of Death"  -  the absence of life, the end or cessation of life. That which begins to "rot" or decay.

"I will fear no evil" - Evil does not harm the dead, the enemies of the sheep do not attack when they
                                 see the Shepherd. The Shepherd give the sheep "security."

"For You are with me" - One who comes along by the side, (Emmanuel) "God with us." Companion.

"Your rod and staff" - two "tools" of the Shepherd: the rod was used to beat off the enemy, through its
                                   head (ball end) were driven nails to beat off the enemy. The Staff had a "crook"
                                   which was used to "draw" or "pull" the sheep to the Shepherd to care for their
                                   welfare or well-being. This was for affection and protection.

"They comfort me" - Relationship with the Shepherd, the sheep who knew the Shepherd draw comfort
                                 from these "special" times with the Shepherd.

"You prepare a table before me" - The Good Shepherd knows where the best pastures are, HE plans        
                                                     ahead, He knows the times and the seasons.

"In the presence of my enemies" - Though the enemy is there, the sheep eat safely because of the Good
                                                     Shepherd. The Sheep eat right in front of their enemies.
"You anoint my head" - an ointment was prepared to keep away "Bot flies" or other "pests" which
                                      would attack the mucus membranes. The head was the main place for unseen
                                      enemies. This paste or oil would be a protection.
"My cup runs over" - God's more than enough, Satisfaction, at peace, never in lack.

"Surely goodness and mercy" - The Good Shepherd takes care of His flock with love and kindness, He
                                                 is tender and kind, not harsh.

"Shall follow me" - these things happen as a result of what HE does. They follow us when we follow  

"All the days of my life" -  from birth till death. Never a dull moment with Him!

"And I will dwell" - residence, the place where we live, abode, home, the place where we sleep.

"in the House of the Lord" - God's House, Heaven, the Eternal Home, The Palace of the King of Kings.

"forever." -  forever, for eternity.

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